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Title: CSP Module version 1.4 successfully released
Date: 10/05/2012

CSP Module version 1.4 successfully released

Version 1.4 was completed ahead of schedule on 13 April. This release included some detailed technical changes to address issues raised through the Helpdesk and identified through review of the system. The following elements will be of particular interest to users:

  • Revised R&D Forms for legacy studies can now be handled correctly in CSP Module allowing sites to be created following the manual submission of the form. Please ensure that all revised R&D forms for legacy studies are now forwarded to the CSP Unit ( for manual submission, instead of uploading them as documents.
  • Information in Study View about number of sites with permission and PICs with agreement should now be accurate
  • Information in Study View for new studies should now accurately determine the commercial/ non-commercial status. Any errors relating to historic data should be reported to the Helpdesk.
  • It is now possible to view the study-wide governance comments in full from the local governance tasks.
  • Downloaded pdf files will retain the correct file name
  • Links to view documents from certain tasks are fixed
  • There is an additional Governance Report in pdf format available from the local governance section of Study View that includes all the components originally specified. This will report all current governance activity and documents.
  • You can now access the current Module User Guide, Reporting User Guide and CSP Operating Manual from the Help menu of CSP Module

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