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Primary Care Working Group

The Primary Care Working group identified the Clinical Commissioning  group authorisations with regards to R&D as a specific piece of work that could help to inform and support colleagues. A paper has been put together by Boki Savelyich bringing together information regarding CCG authorisations in general and R&D requirement more specifically. In addition templates that give examples of evidence that may be required are available to download if they can be of use to be altered to meet local needs. We would encourage all R&D teams linked to GP research to offer to support local CCG's at this point in time and over the coming months as they become authorised bodies within NHS.

Funding Excess Treatment Costs framework DH update

The NHS reorganisation and demise of Primary Care Trusts means there are several research related activities that need realignment. From 1st April 2013 the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have a duty to "ensure the treatment costs for patients who are taking part in research are covered". A recent message from DH highlights that a framework to fund Excess treatment costs is still being developed.

The Department of Health is continuing to work with the National Commissioning Board (NCB) and Public Health England (PHE) to establish a framework for funding Excess Treatment Costs. Progress is being made.

The Government's Mandate to the Commissioning Board sets an objective for the Board to ensure that the new commissioning system promotes and supports participation by NHS organisations and NHS patients in research. This includes ensuring payment of treatment costs for NHS patients taking part in research funded by Government and Research Charity partner organisations.

In addition, all Authorised CCGs have formally declared that they understand and will comply with their statutory responsibility to promote research, and will ensure that the NHS meets the treatment costs for patients who are taking part in research funded by Government and Research Charity partner organisations. This means that Commissioners have a legal responsibility to fund ETCs even though there is not a nationally agreed process for how researchers can access this funding.

Where research is taking place in the NHS, researchers should continue to approach the organisation that will be incurring the excess treatment costs for information on how it will meet these costs. If the provider organisation requires additional funding from its commissioners, it will need to negotiate this with its commissioners with the support of the researcher if required. The earlier the researcher can inform providers of the likely ETC resource requirements the more the NHS is able to plan for its provision.

If in the meantime, local options are being considered two versions to manage applications  for excess treatment costs may be helpful. 

East Midlands and South Yorkshire Primary Care Research Leads Group

North Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent CCGs

Statement on AHSNs and further documents to assist R&D staff supporting Clinical Commissioning Groups

Participation in their local Academic Health Science Network will enable Clinical Commissioning Groups to work collaboratively with a wide range of partners (providers, academics, industry and other organisations) to identify, adopt and spread innovation and best practice across the NHS at both scale and pace. It will offer CCGs the opportunity to access the very best practice and learning about safety, effectiveness and patient experience. It will also support CCGs in meeting their duties to promote research, innovation and the use of evidence obtained from research.

DH Policy Document - AHSNs

NHS Confederation breifing - AHSNs

Other useful documents and resources selected by Forum Primary Care Working Group:

PCT RM&G Toolkit

The primary care working group have reviewed the information below. Although this is not all current and should not be used in its entirety at present many of the links in the toolkit are still active and are a useful information source. It is also useful if you ever need to refer to what was policy at a certain time to verify what occurred at the point in time to have historical document available. We have therefore decided to keep this older version and will review and update as necessary. 

Download Toolkit (Second Edition, March 2005)

Notes on updates in Second Edition

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