RCP launches ‘Research for all: Sharing good practice in research management’ in partnership with the NHS R&D Forum

Launch of new good practice in research management for health & care in partnership in partnership with the NHS R&D Forum

We are delighted to launch the publication of this new guide, developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians, and endorsed by 6 Royal colleges.

With support from the Forum working groups and the NIHR Ashridge R&D Directors and Managers leadership community we have collated over 50 case studies to share how NHS R&D departments are working in partnership with clinical colleagues to lead the way for research for all.

Research for all: background

In 2016 the RCP published their report, research for all, highlighting those areas that Doctors felt were a barrier to research, and calling for improved communication and sharing between R&D teams. A workshop followed to which NHS R&D Forum representatives were invited[1] and a great opportunity to promote the good work and value of NHS R&D teams.

Christine McGrath, Director of R&D at University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust who led on this work on behalf of the NHS R&D Forum writes:

“It was a pleasure to be involved in this piece of work, which we are very proud of.  Developing collaboration between the College and the community has really highlighted how well we can work together at national, regional and local levels to lead and drive research for everyone. The case studies we have collated show the depth and breadth of work supported by NHS R&D teams but we know they are really just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you to all my colleagues who contributed and to the college for their help and support”. 

Teams, teams and more teams

Alongside this treasure chest of shared working examples, the key messages for our community are teamwork and partnership for research for health. We are delighted to read via the RCP blog how stepping into ‘R&D’ shoes was a highlight moment for the academic vice president Prof Margaret Johnson throughout this process.

Please take the time to read this guide. It is only a snapshot of all the good work but we hope it is a helpful one all the same. We also will continue to collate all the excellent examples of practice to share and learn, in partnership with the clinical and allied health professionals who are working for patient’s futures.

Read, share, collaborate and follow the RCP lead today. Step into someone else’s shoes for a while… the opportunities and gains are huge!

Let us know what you think of this guide and any future work. If you have case studies to share we will upload them into our resources exchange. Please send them to info@rdforum.org.uk


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