Your opportunity to feedback on your experience of CQC Well Led Inspections : clinical research

As you will by now be aware, clinical research is now included as part of the CQC’s Well Led Inspections of Trusts. It is important to understand how the inspections are going so the CQC, NHS R&D, and NIHR CRN have agreed to work together to gather feedback. We would each like to see that these inspections have a useful impact on how well research is integrated in the work of all Trusts, and assist the CQC in reviewing the approach for optimal effect. 
To achieve this we are holding an initial teleconference on the morning of 19th July for those who have experienced a Well Led Inspection in your Trust since the new research elements were published in the Well Led Framework in October 2018. It will be an opportunity discuss your experience and observations directly with colleagues in other Trusts as well as representatives of CQC, NHS R&D and NIHR CRN.   
If you are interested, available and have experienced a recent Well Led inspection please click here to register to take part. We will then send you joining details. If you are unavailable to join the teleconference please use the registration form to leave some of your observations  based on your experience.
The CQC is particularly interested to know details such as:
  • Who inspectors talked to in the Trust.
  • Your perceptions of the knowledge and skills of the inspection team with regard research.
  • Whether you recognised the findings for research in the inspection report and whether these were useful.
Please click here to register to take part.

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