GDPR & Transparency Wording for All Sponsors

The recommended GDPR wording for Participant Information Sheets for data transparency has been updated and issued by the HRA; this is particularly relevant to all Sponsorship Teams. 

Summary of the revisions to the transparency wording are:

A single set of wording covering both commercial and non- commercial sponsors comprising of:

  • Summary information to be included in PIS.
  • Wording for generic leaflet, to be provided alongside the PIS.

What does the revision in text means for sponsors?

  • Sponsors do not need to update wording if they have previously included GDPR wording.
  • The revised wording is available for new studies, although the old revised wording can be accepted.
  • If sponsors (commercial) have alternative sponsor level wording in place they may continue to use it.
  • If a commercial sponsor does not wish to use the revised wording and do not have agreed wording, this should be sent to
  • Non-standard wording from non-commercial sponsors should continue to be assessed as part of the study wide review.

Please also see the following link: 


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