MHRA & TechUK: Face to face meeting for EHR vendors

The MHRA have confirmed they will be holding a face-face meeting with EHR suppliers, hosted by techUK, on Monday 28th October

Please note this event is not for R&D departments directly but we would appreciate your help to promote the invitation to any suppliers of electronic health records in both primary and secondary care (including commercial and non-commercial developers).  

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and techUK would like to invite electronic health record suppliers to a digital discussion on the importance of these systems in ensuring the UK remains as a global leader in clinical trials. Having held an initial positive first steps telecon with some providers back on 3 September, a commitment was made to continuing this conversation in person to enable all to talk in more detail about the requirements of electronic health records under the clinical trials legislation, and how we can best work together to meet those requirements within systems already implemented and in use, as well as those in development.

For further information about this event please follow the link below. 

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