ETCs related to COVID-19 studies

For all COVID-19 studies, including studies categorised as Urgent Public Health Research (UPH) studies should continue to adhere to the standard processes and mechanism for ETC attribution, costing and validation by completing a Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SOECAT) as per usual practice.

ETC payments for these studies will be also be made in accordance with the arrangements of the national ETC system.

For studies where CCGs are the responsible commissioner, ETC payments for COVID-19 studies will be subject to provider thresholds where applicable. 

Due to the disruption arising from COVID-19 as well as enhancements that we are making to the payments process, all CCG Excess Treatment Cost (ETC) payments made by Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs) will be suspended until at least Quarter 2 of the financial year 2020/21. Note: This includes payments to both primary and secondary care providers.

For studies where NHS E/I Specialised Commissioning is the responsible commissioner, ETC payments will be subject to specialised commissioning national finance team’s assurance review, and will take into consideration block funding arrangements that are in place to support funding flows during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news item is also here on the NIHR website here.

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