NHS R&D Forum Shared Practice Bulletin August 2020

This is the second NHS R&D Forum bulletin designed to share initiatives and good work ongoing across R&D management, support and leadership community in response to COVID-19 and re-setting research. 

The brief examples included are mixed, but this bulletin has a particular focus on delivering vaccine studies. Each example has a lead contact identified for any queries or follow up.

Developing good practice together

The R&D community has shown immense flexibility, resilience and skill in managing the research response to COVID-19. The R&D Forum working group members have been hosting weekly hangouts to review developments, to share innovative practice and to support each other whilst quickly developing a national perspective of the practical issues affecting the development and delivery of research, including how these have changed as the UK-wide response has developed. The groups from across the R&D community have thus been uniquely placed to provide a meaningful contribution to the development of the national approach and to help with the national policy and guidance being produced. The R&D Forum will continue to support the Department of Health & Social Care and partners across the system to deliver the required COVID-19 research in a speedy and safe manner.

This bulletin is a means of sharing just 12 brief examples more widely so that Forum members can engage in discussion and support each other; there will be many more. As the landscape changes these examples may become outdated but we hope they are useful in general times too.

Download the Shared Practice Bulletin – August 2020

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