Influence & Leadership

The Forum is an independent organisation and provides an opportunity for members to be a collective voice and to provide leadership as well as support for the national agenda, with lessons learned from the ground. Our members have been explicit that they value the ability to help shape and influence the national picture, and our stakeholders and partners value the insight and practical expertise that our members can offer them when setting policy or developing strategies for the future.

Currently we do this by arranging meetings and ensuring there is a good open, trusted dialogue and engagement with our key partner groups and organisations. We have Forum representation on stakeholder committees and representatives from the Dept. Health, NIHR, HRA, NHS England and Public Health England are invited to attend our individual working group meetings as well as our Annual Forum. We also host symposia and round table events to keep communication going around hot topics and issues of importance and so please keep an eye on our events calendar or suggest topics to our working groups. Our working groups have responded to a number of consultations and documents which you can view on the site too.

If you would like to feed into a consultation, take part or suggest a symposia or have an issue/hot topic for discussion then please contact us. All our calls for consultation are issued via the newsletter and you can also join the discussion via LinkedIn and social media.