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Archiving Masterclass

Date: June 29, 2020 (Duration: 1 day)

Location: London


Archiving Master Class

An excellent course providing expert insights in the practicalities of research archiving procedures.

End of study procedures are the domain of both the NHS and the Sponsor and so if you are a Named archivist or just need to understand more about how to firm up your procedures then you should consider this one-day event

Course Structure

A one day in-depth master class delivered by trainers with advanced clinical records management expertise taking participants through all the key requirements for managing, storing and archiving essential documents and research data.

Who is the course for?

This Archiving Master Class has been developed to support Research management teams with their processes for archiving and is for anyone who has responsibility for archiving research in their organisation. Whether you are a named archivist or part of a team with delegated responsibility we hope that you will find this course useful. As with all Forum activities it is also a valuable opportunity to meet with your colleagues from across the country to discuss challenges and solutions.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course participants should

  • Understand the regulatory and good practice requirements for the archiving of essential documents in clinical research
  • Understand the difference between storage and archiving
  • Understand the relationship between close out and archiving
  • Understand the role of a named archivist.
  • Understand the organizational responsibilities for archiving as a Sponsor and a Host including information and systems requirements
  • Develop practical tools and suggestions for improving their local processes
  • Prepare for a regulatory inspection from an archiving perspective
  • Understand the basics of creating an e-archive and the challenges of electronic archiving.


Price: £330 plus VAT

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