Professional Development

As the diversity of our Forum membership shows, the roles and responsibilities of a Research Director or Research Manager working in a health care setting are becoming more and more varied and complex. Many large organisations may have diverse teams with distinct roles, whereas smaller organisations may have one manager or maybe a handful of staff to support the growth and quality management of research in their organisation/s.

The Forum aims to support and enable all individuals working in this field to develop their skills, knowledge and competencies further; regardless of their role or stage of career. This will be through provision of resources and frameworks; but also through training, networking opportunities and communities of practice; access to jobs, and of course the sharing of best practice as we believe strongly that this will enable both improved competence and confidence.

If you have any resources or information you think might benefit others in their professional journey then please send them to the working groups for review by contacting us.

Please note that the Forum Executive and Working Groups are also looking at creating a scheme to allow professional affiliation with the Forum. This is work in progress and we will keep you updated but please do get in touch if you have any views on this you would like to share.