The Forum offers a range of training courses all designed and delivered by experienced Forum members and trainers.

We are excited about future courses we have in development, including master classes for more detailed subject-specific training. If you have particular training needs you would like the Forum training group to consider then please do get in touch.

Courses we currently run are:

A Practical Application of Monitoring in a Health Care Setting

This course is aimed at individuals and organisations that deliver non-commercial research in a healthcare setting. It explores the application of monitoring as a quality assurance tool, focuses on skills for monitoring and provides an understanding of risk-based monitoring in order to ensure high quality research in the NHS.

Essentials of NHS Research (New And Improved)

Who should attend? This course is designed for any role at all levels when new to a health care R&D department. The course might also be of interest to colleagues in industry, academia and the third sector that would like to better understand managing NHS Research or just for those who need to keep updated.

What is new? This course was previously known as  ‘research the basics’ but evaluation feedback consistently told us that it wasn’t really basic. Updated material includes a whole new look package of essentials for anyone looking for a complete overview of NHS R&D management.

Content covers: Understanding the landscape, policy, regulation, patient & public involvement, roles of R&D, capacity & capability, costing, AcoRD, contracts, safety, data, oversight, impact and strategy.

Our delegates said…

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone working in an R&D Office /CTU” Course leaders were really insightful, offered plenty of examples and encouraged discussion. First training session I have enjoyed!!”

 “Really well structured. I liked that it covered so much with perfect amount of detail. I liked real life examples”.

 “Excellent course, very useful’.

 ‘‘I wish I had done the course 2 years ago when I came into post”.

Regulatory Inspection Ready

This course is aimed at those who deliver research in a healthcare setting either in a Sponsor team or as a Host, and that maybe subject to regulatory inspection. Preparation for Inspection is critical but compliance driven from preparation rather than from quality systems can lead to poor practice and Inspection findings. Last minute changes just prior to a visit can be very unhelpful and in some cases misleading and so this course will help delegates understand how to become inspection-ready for any inspection. Delegates will learn strategies that build confidence for an inspection from any of the regulators for example the MHRA, Human Tissue Authority or Human Embryology & Fertilisation Authority.

Our delegates said…

“Brilliant course”

“Very helpful. Fear of the unknown was the biggest issue. This course was very good a alleviating that!”

‘‘Excellent facilitators, have learned so much in a comparatively short time, thank you!”

Data Management for Research in a Healthcare Setting

The NHS R&D Forum has partnered with the Association of Clinical Data Management to deliver this master class for research management, support and leadership teams working in and for a health and care setting. This interactive and practical one-day workshop aims to provide an overview of processes and best practices for the successful delivery of clinical research data. The course will cover regulations, systems and processes with a blend of information and practical exercises.

Archiving Master Class

An excellent course providing expert insights in the practicalities of research archiving procedures. End of study procedures are the domain of both the NHS and the Sponsor and so if you are a Named archivist or just need to understand more about how to firm up your procedures then you should consider this one-day event

Local Capacity and Capability for Research

A one-day course designed to provide an understanding of the requirements of an NHS organisation when determining whether to take part in a particular research study as a host. It explains the principles of good study set up, the information required by the R&D office and where it can be obtained. It introduces delegates to the various systems and documents associated with research and also provides some guidance on developing relationships with key support departments and stakeholders within an NHS organisation.

New Spring AcoRD Master class

This course is for Sponsors and R&D office staff, Universities, non-commercial funders, finance teams, facilitators or grant advisors who are working with researchers on their cost attribution and completion of their SoECAT for funding applications.  

Materials will contain all up to date information received from DHSC and the AcoRD specialist community so that Forum members are accessing consistent training.  As this is intended to be a master class members should have completed the NIHR e learning course and have some practical experience before attending.