Research Strategy

The development and growth of research is critical for any health care organisation and the healthcare economy. This section is about organisational issues which are more strategic in nature and is primarily for Research Directors, Managers, research partners and others, whose role is to drive research in a health care setting

The list below contains only some of the things we have thought of that are specific to research, but is by no means exhaustive.

It is work in progress but overtime (and with support from the Research Strategy & Leadership Working Group) we aim to populate this section to provide access to guidance, literature, peer support and the sharing of best practice.

If you have any relevant resources, articles or experiences you would like to share and publish for the benefit of others then please contact us. The Research Strategy & Leadership Working Group will review any items before uploading onto the site.

  • Developing & Monitoring an Effective Research Strategy
  • Ensuring Board & Organisational Engagement
  • Developing Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations for Research
  • Growing a Research Business, Funding & Income
  • Metrics & Key Performance Indicators
  • Maximising opportunities and resources
  • Leadership in Research
  • Developing & Managing Research Teams, competencies and training
  • Promoting research activity and communications
  • Embedding service user and carer involvement
  • Building an infrastructure
  • Combining research, developing and innovation strategies
  • Managing Inspections