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Search Category: Building Clinical Academic Careers

A collaborative approach to develop clinical academic careers for scientists, nurses, allied health professionals and pharmacists

Type: Slide set
Author: Birmingham Health Partners
Keywords: Clinical Academic Careers, Capacity, Education, Training
Link Reference: 960
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A tool to help researchers create a publication list for grant applications

Type: Website resources
Author: Adrian Barnett@aidybarnett
Keywords: orchid, funding, grant applications, publications listing, outputs, dissemination, impact
Link Reference: 1654
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Clinical Academic Career Pathways: A Trust Perspective

Type: Slide set
Author: Solent NHS Trust
Keywords: Capacity building, Capability, Clinical Academics, Growth, Leadership, Strategy
Link Reference: 959
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NIHR CRN Allied Health Professionals Strategy 2018:2020

Type: Example Strategy
Author: NIHR CRN
Keywords: AHPs, Research time, Researcher development, growing research capability, developing AHP researchers
Link Reference: 1713
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NIHR trainees Co-ordinating Centre

Type: Website resources
Author: NIHR
Link Reference: 962
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Transforming healthcare through clinical academic roles in nursing, midwifery and allied health professions

Type: Guide
Author: Association of UK University Hospitals Trusts (AUKUH)
Keywords: Clinical Academic Careers, pathway, AHPS, Nursing, midwifery
Additional Detail: A practical resource for healthcare provider organisations
Link Reference: 961
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