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Search Category: Capacity and Capability Assessment and Confirmation

Confirmation of capacity and capability

Type: Example SOP
Author: York Foundation Trust
Keywords: SOP, Capacity, Capability, Confirmation, Assess, Arrange, HRA approval, Study set up
Link Reference: 914
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Good practice principles when assessing, arranging and confirming local capacity and capability for CRN supported studies

Type: Guidance
Author: NIHR Clinical Research Network
Keywords: Capacity, Capability, Assess, Arrange, Confirm, Confirmation, Study Set Up, Approvals
Link Reference: 912
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NIHR Framework for Restart: Information Sheet for GPS

Type: Example Leaflet
Author: Norfolk & Suffolk Primary & Community Care Research Office, Cambridge & Peterborough Primary Care, NIHR CRN Eastern
Keywords: COVID-19, COVID19, COVID, advice, guidance, researchers, pandemic, re-start, risk assessment, start, set up, sites, pause,research
Link Reference: 4641
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Pharmacy Assurance

Type: LINK
Author: Health Research Authority
Keywords: pharmacy, HRA, health, research, authority, CTIMP, capacity, capability, review, technical, assessment, form, registered, reviewer, pharmacist, technician, trial, IRAS, protocol, Investigator’s Brochure, IB, SmPC, manual, MHRA, fees,
Link Reference: 3661
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Procedure for dealing with expressions of interest, feasibility, capability and site selection process for research to be conducted within a speciality or clinical management group at UHL

Type: Example SOP
Author: University of Leicester, University of Loughborough & University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Joint Research Office
Keywords: Expressions of interest, feasibility, site selection, capacity and capability, SOP
Link Reference: 913
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UK Local Information Pack

Type: Guidance
Author: Four Nations including HRA
Keywords: site set up, research approvals, regulatory approvals, local capacity & capability, SSI, UK local Information Pack, Organisation information Document
Link Reference: 3556
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