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Article: How to Manage ETCS

Type: Article
Author: Wessex Clinical Research Network
Keywords: ETCS, Costing, Costs, Funding, Excess Treatment Costs, grants, attribution, AcoRD
Link Reference: 709
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ETC Issue Collection Template

Type: Tool
Author: NHSE/DH
Keywords: ETC, Acord, costs, funding
Link Reference: 707
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Guide for Excess Treatment Costs

Type: Guidance
Author: NHS England
Keywords: excess, cost, attribution, ETC
Link Reference: 708
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NHSE commissioning policy. Continuing funding after completion of a clinical trial

Type: Policy
Author: NHS England
Keywords: funding, treatment costs, ongoing treatment costs, financial management, finance, costings, commissioning
Link Reference: 1809
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Policy for the management of ETCS

Type: Example Policy
Author: North Bristol NHS Trust
Keywords: Excess Treatment Costs, ETCs, costings
Link Reference: 710
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