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A rough guide to types of scientific evidence

Type: Infographic
Author: Compound Interest
Keywords: research design types, methods, research methods, types of evidence
Link Reference: 1411
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Acceptability and design of video-based research on healthcare communication: Evidence and recommendations

Type: Guidance
Author: Ruth Parry and Marco Pino
Keywords: video-based research, healthcare communication research, ethical review, risks, acceptability, research design, good practice
Additional Detail: I could also provide a link to a two page summary version. Subject category could also be ethics as guidance attends to this in detail
Link Reference: 1520
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Deming, data and observational studies A process out of control and needing fixing

Type: Article
Author: S. Stanley Young Alan Karr
Keywords: study design, research methods, observational studies, data
Link Reference: 3802
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HRMR Guidance Pack for designing, conducting & overseeing clinical trials

Type: Guidance
Author: MRC Hubs for Trials Methodology Research
Keywords: Design, conduct, oversight, clinical trials, trials design, research oversight
Link Reference: 1976
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Ideal Framework for surgical therapy innovations

Type: Guidance
Author: IDEAL Collaboration
Keywords: Idea, Development, Exploration, Assessment, Long-term Follow-up, Improving, quality, surgery, framework, IDEAL
Link Reference: 1009
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Impact Planning Tool

Type: Website resources
Author: Fast Track Impact
Keywords: impact, plan, planning, tool, matrix
Link Reference: 939
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MRC hub for trials methodology research

Type: Website resources
Author: Medical Research Council
Keywords: MRC, hub, network, adaptive, recruitment
Link Reference: 941
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Research Design Service

Type: Website resources
Author: NIHR
Keywords: design, support, statisics, NHS, researcher,
Link Reference: 942
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Study Design Considerations for Clinical Trials

Type: Guidance
Author: Health Research Authority
Keywords: HRA, study, design, clinical, researcher, sponsor, funder, peer
Link Reference: 940
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SWATS: Studies within a Trial

Type: Video
Author: NIHR HTA Programme Director: Hywel Williams
Keywords: SWAT, clinical trials, study within a trial, funding, applications, grant, design
Link Reference: 2359
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The Delphi technique: What is it, when is it used, and how is it done?

Type: Blog
Author: Kristen Dufresne for Students 4 best evidence
Keywords: Research design, research methods, delphi technique,
Additional Detail: Helpful blog on this research design
Link Reference: 1493
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Trial Forge Guidance 1: what is a Study Within A Trial (SWAT)?

Type: Article
Author: Trial Forge
Keywords: Research design, trial design, study within a trial, SWAT
Additional Detail: Guidance 1
Link Reference: 1806
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