Involvement Portfolio

The Involvement Portfolio has been developed, by the NHS R&D Forum Service User and Carer Working Group. It is a tool for those using health and social care services who are involved in voluntary or involvement activities such as consultation, committee membership, research and development, to record and provide evidence of their activities. Its use is voluntary and it is up to the individual how they use the portfolio, what they record and how they choose to use it in demonstrating their skills and expertise.

The Involvement Portfolio was first developed by the NHS R&D Forum Service User and Carer Working Group in 2008. It was reviewed and revised in April 2014.

The Working Group would like to acknowledge the work of: Mary Cooke, Anne-Laure Donskoy, May Griffiths, Virginia Minogue, Mary Nettle, and Gary Young in developing the Portfolio and the contribution of Stephen Bell, David Orme, Penny Vicary and Amander Wellings in its revision.

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